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Personal : The wedding weekend

I've been absent for too long ! The last couple of days I've been recuperating from a two day wedding party of our dear friends Nicolas and Alyssa. Most of you will think "two days ?" but yup two days ! The day before the wedding we were invited to a pre wedding brunch by the bride.

Knowing the bride everything was set to perfection. Brunch was served ! After a bite we sat at the pool. A perfect way to relax before all the wedding madness. The day itself I had to get up early because I had to do the make-up of the wedding party together with another make-up artist. Afterwards I had to rush home to change and do my own make-up.

The church ceremony was great. I always love the part when the bride walks in and everybody gasps at the sight of her in her amazing gown. I must say she was a gorgeous bride, the dress was beautiful ! After the ceremony Robin and I went to a friends place for a quick bite and dress change. As we arrived to the location a shuttle bus drove us up to the mansion Wolvenbos in Kapellen. It was the perfect wedding location I had in mind for them. I did a quick touch up of the girls make up because the weather was hot, too hot for me !

The refreshments were delicious and champagne was flowing. The reception ended as we all stood in a heart shape with the bride and groom. A drone was used to film the whole thing. We were asked to be seated at the table. I loved the interior. The food was good but I'm more of a dessert kind of person. That's why I was so happy when it was dessert time.

After the first dance we all danced the night away until my feet were soar and we headed home.Thank you Nicolas and Alyssa for an amazing evening I wish you many happy years to come and we are grateful to be a part of it ! Enjoy your honeymoon !


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