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Lifestyle : How I create content for Instagram during Lock Down

Bijgewerkt op: 14 mei 2020

This lock down got me in such a creative mindset. Before the lockdown when I came home from work I was always tired and needed to chill for an hour or two before I did anything. Now that I work from home I feel more energized and productive. My house is (a bit) cleaner and I'm definitely riding that creative wave. Especially when it comes to photography.

Due to the lock down one must become creative. Before my Instagram post mainly consisted out of outfit pictures. Now I've created so much content I can post each day if I wanted to. I'm not a selfish person so I'd like to share my tips (just not my food). I hope this will help some people out.



There are props that give you endless creative possibilities. My favorite props are flowers or mugs. I've created pinterest maps for each of them. Shots such as these are perfect as transition shots. Sometimes you have 4 really strong pictures but if you're low on content it's nice to spread them out so you don't run out. I use my flower and coffee shots to spread my content, but this doesn't mean these shots can't be strong enough on their own. Some shots might turn out to be very popular.


A little magic never hurt nobody. I got the idea from a youtuber Kutova Kika. She's made numerous video's on how to make creative pictures. She sometimes edits her pictures to make them more magical. I must admit her photography and Photoshop skills are better than mine but that didn't stop me to use a couple of her tricks. One of her tricks is adding a vector image into your photos. You can do this with Photoshop but if you're a simpleton like me I advise you to use Picsart. The most easy way to add vectors to your images without being a pro. It's super easy.

Switch it up

If you're a beautyblogger, switch up your feed with some flatlays. If you're a fashionblogger, expand your feed with portraitshots, foodshots, ... Now is the time to experiment and creative. I advise you to look up youtubevids with new ways to capture your pictures.


If you are a bit on the technical side. I would advise you to make fun videos to spice up your content. People like a more in dept relationship. Videos are a great way to show people who you are and how you work. People would love to see how you make vids or pictures. Perhaps certain make-up looks or how to style certain fashion items. People follow you for those reasons, so give the people what they want.


Next to Netflix and TikTok , Pinterest is your best friend. I make a moodboards for every occasion. If i'm lacking inspiration all I have to do is go to my board. If I need extra inspiration I just click on the 'more ideas like this' option. The trick is not to duplicate pictures but make them your own. It's best if you give your own twist to the picture. I do make all the content on my feed. I feel like that's the difference between an influencer and a content creator. An influencer isn't necessarily a content creator but a content creator is an influencer (in my opinion).

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