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Personal : 10 Things you didn't know about me

I should've done this in the beginning other than dropping the bomb on you now (too soon ?). But I realise you don't really know who I am. You know what I give you, what my pictures show me. But how well do you really know a person? The point of this post is to share things with you you probably don't know about me. You've read my chilhood stories and there are many more I'll probably share with you. It isn't more than right to share who I am today.

1. I'm half asian. Most of you will think "right! I knew you were a mix". What you probably never figured out on your own is that my mother is from the Philippines. Weird that I'm so white right? I get that a lot ! Only one person I ever met guessed it. Most of the time I usually have people thinking I'm part Asian, Russian or Polish.

2. I'm short with my 1m65. You might think that's not super short but it is bellow average. Considering my mom is around 1m50, I did allright. Thank you dad for almost being 1m90.

3. I collect mugs. I like funny mugs. Mugs that change color, have funny sentences, have weird shapes, ... I also have a small collection of Starbucks mugs. In every Starbucks I visit abroad I buy a mug of the country and capitol.

4. I have a degree in social work with a specialization in HR. It's a degree I've done absolutely nothing with. I also have a degree as a make up artist from Make Up Designory and I'm currently studying to be a nail artist.

5. I've been married for almost a year. People that know me personally know this obviously but through my social media accounts I don't often mention my husband. Not that I don't love him to bits but he just doesn't like taking pictures with me.

6. My husband is a bicycle maker and we live above a bicycle store for over 2 years now. We'll probably move soon because we bought a house!

6. I'm a major couch potato. Me and my husband are major movie junkies. We watch on average 2-3 movies a week. Sometimes even more. I also watch a lot of tv shows without him. So if you have any recommendations hit me up!

7. Speaking of movies. I love zombie movies! I'm not really a fan of parodies on the subject except for Zombieland and Warm Bodies.

8. I hate dolls and clowns. They just freak me out. I think it's because I saw movies like Chucky and IT way too soon.

10. I'm a daddies girl and a momma's girl. I love my dad I like to think we had a great bond. I still have a great bond with my mom and sisters. I believe it even grew stronger after my dad passed away. I love my parents. As I grew older we became closer. I understood the sacrifices they made for us and I appreciate the life they had given me. I like to think we're a very close family. We see each other at least once a week. Even though we're all different we look so much a like. I can flip anybody the middle finger and they'll laugh.


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