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Beauty : My favourite foundations atm

When it comes to skincare there is no better anti-aging product than SPF. That's why it's important to have an SPF on at all times. Yes also during the winter. However not all day creams contain it. That's why it's important to buy a good sunscreen for the face or a foundation with SPF in it.

Foundations that have SPF in them usually have a factor 10 to 25. My new two new favorite foundations at the moment are total gamechangers. They offer a full coverage effect with SPF 45 -50. I'm talking about the new Futurist hydra rescue moisturizing foundation from Estée Lauder with SPF 45 and the OG Your skin but better CC creme from It Cosmetics with SPF 50.

Although they might seem similar they're both different. The biggest difference I've noticed is the texture. The Hydra rescue is more liquid than the It Cosmetics CC cream. Both of them offer a medium to full coverage. Although the Estée lauder doens't state on being a CC creme I've noticed that it easily coveres redness.

To help you decide which one would be best for you, I've made the comparison for you ! I do recommend both as they both have their pro's and con's. xoxo

Futurist hydra rescue

  • medium buildable coverage

  • easy to pick color based off your existing Estée Lauder foundation

  • SPF 45

  • Liquid texture

  • matt finish

  • hydrating

Your skin but better

  • full natural looking coverage

  • slightly thicker texture

  • harder to find right tone

  • comes in different finishes (extra glow, glow & matt

  • SPF 50

  • anti-aging serum

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