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Food : Fruity Tiramisu with beer

This is my first ever foodpost. I while ago I posted a picture of a dessert I made for friends. I got a lot of comments on instagram how good it looked. Eventhough it did look super good it tasted even better ! That's why I'd like to share this recipe with you. I took two different recipes and combined them to the results you'll see bellow. This recipe is super simple and you don't need a lot to make it a sure slam-dunk at your next dinner party.

This recipe is for a large dinner party I'd say for about 12 people. I'm half Philipina so I don't do small portions.

What you need

750 gr mascarpone

750 gr cream

2 bottles of fruity beer preferable Belgian Beer "Liefmans"

1 bottle or can of cherries in syrop / gello

100 gr powdered sugar

3 mango's

1 lime

2 boxes of sponge fingers

Optional :

fresh mint

Fresh berries

What you need to do

Mix the mascarpone with 4 tablespoons of fruity beer and the powdered sugar. Then mix it with the cream. Keep on mixing until you get a thick consistency. Then put it away in the fridge and let it rest.

Seperate the cherries from the syrop/gello. Soak the cherries in the remaining beer. Let that marinate for 30 minutes. Then take the beer and mix it with the syrop /gello to create the saus.

Chop your mango's in little cubes and squeeze a lime over it.

Take the glasses or form you'd like to dress the food in. I like to take glasses for the portions I'd like to serve because it's easier on the eyes. The rest of my ingredients layer in a square form. This is a heavy dish so it's likely nobody is going for seconds. So you'll have the form in the fridge for the next day. Less cleanup, doesn't take up so much space in the fridge and easier to take with you.

First layer are the mango's, then apply a layer of mascarpone mixture. Above the mascarpone you put the cherries with the sponge fingers that are quickly dipped into the saus. Then spread a thin layer of saus over the sponge fingers. Not too much so they get weak but not too little so they'l be dry. Then add another layer of mascarpone followed by a layer of mango's. We continue this layering until we're at the top of the glass or perhaps the form.

You need to end with a layer of mascarpone. This will be the prettiest layer to dress with toppings. For this you can be as creative as the imagination lets you. i like the touch of mint and some fresh berries to compliment the flavors

Enjoy !


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