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Food : DIY caramel popcorn

So as I was on my quest to make the perfect popcorn I stumbled upon a YouTube video from CupcakeJemma. The recipe is super easy. You only need a couple of ingredients. I'll list them all below and give you a step by step run through.

I wish you all the luck and I can't wait to see your crunchy delicious popcorn ! Xoxo


  • Popcorn

  • Oil (sunflower or arachide oil)

  • Sugar 250 gr

  • Water 100 ml

  • Butter 1 tblsp


  • Medium pot + lid

  • Steal pot

  • Whisker

  • Spatula

  • Bowl

  • Parchment paper

  • Baking tray

Step 1

Put your medium sized pot on the stove. Fill it with oil. Just enough to cover the bodem. Then fill it with the corn also enough to cover the bodem. Don't add more than the bodem because you risk the fact that not all your popcorn would pop. Set the temperature on medium high. I set my to a 7. As soon as I hear it pop I'll let it stay like that for a couple of minuts until I hear the popping lessen. Then I set it to a 3 and turn it off when nothing pops anymore. Afterwards you can put all the popcorn in a large bowl.

Step 2

This step is a bit harder. We start of by putting the water and sugar in the steal pan and letting it cook. Don't touch it and wait untill the color turns a darker caramel brown. When you reach that darker caramel brown turn of the fire and add the butter. Now this part gets tricky because you have to be fast. Wisk the butter and as soon as it's disolved poor it over the popcorn in the bowl and quickly mix the caramel and popcorn with a spatula. When you're done spread the caramel popcorn over the parchment paper that lays on the baking tray. Let it dry and cool of completely.

Step 3

Once your caramel popcorn is cooled down completely. Break it apart by hand and start filling your popcorn cups . Bon apétit ! X

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