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Food : Pink Velvet - Antwerp Hotspot

A new pink hotspot popped up in Antwerp. As we already have a few (see other blogposts) and lost one (rip Chez Claires) this new kid on the block does offer something different. It's a dessert bar. You won't find savory dishes here but you will find an entire menu filled with sweet sweet desserts in all it's forms.

As they are open from 10 o'clock in the morning, I would advise you to eat breakfast beforehand because you will find nothing of nutritional value. I on the other hand did not care and wanted to be there before everyone else was there so I could take pretty pictures. I must say the interior is set in a way you are almost always able to take a picture without anybody ruining your shot.

The food is as Instagrammable as the interior which makes it super easy to shoot a lot of content. They also dress the plates to make them even more Instagram worthy. The lighting is at it's best in the forenoon as then the sun will turn turn on the other side of the building which has no windows. The lighting itself there will be sufficient enough for pictures but we all know natural light is the best.

As she just opened the place she didn't have everything available at the moment. However the pastries I tasted were of good quality and looked very pretty. Everything is a bit pricey so keep this in mind. I believe I would come here again and try some more dishes when she's more settled in. What do you think ? Would you visit this place ?


Nassaustraat 38

2000 Antwerpen

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