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Food : Vegan Junkfoodbar

For those who follow me on instagram know I went to Amsterdam last weekend. The main thing I did there was eat. Well that and have some quality time with hubby for our third anniversary. We ate at a lot of good places and one of them was Vegan Junk Food Bar. We're not vegan, we're vegetarian, so we had to do more research as to where we could eat ''meatless''. Online we could find several recommendations such as pasta factory, meatless district, ... (all good options btw) and then there was Vegan Junk Food Bar. I got really excited when I read the menu online. They had so many food options to choose from. Dishes I haven't eaten in a while because it never appeared on any menu I've seen the last year. I normally make my usual dishes and we occasionally eat out but often it's just a curry, veggie spaghetti or a veggie burger. This time we could choose from an entire menu. I was so happy.

We all took different things such as a burger, mix platter, shoarma, waffle fries, ... I totally forgot to take pictures of the shoarma and the burger. So you'll just have to trust me that it was pretty and it tasted so good ! Next time I'm in Amsterdam I'm coming back here and try even more things on the menu. I can't wait !



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