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Lifestyle : 2020 the roaring twenties ?

A new year with 12 new chapters, 366 new chances.

Before I start talking about all my plans and wishes for the new year. I'd like to state that 2019 wasn't my best year. It wasn't my worst either however I feel like 2019 just didn't end well. I wasn't in the holiday spirit as they would say. Maybe it's due to the warm temperatures for this time of the year, the lack of snow or the fact my mom has been in the Philippines for a month or two and I've never had a Christmas without her. We've never been so long apart from each other.

2019 did have some highlights. I met some amazing new people. We went surfing in Zarautz and it was even better than I thought it would be. Robin turned 30 and we also booked our tickets for North America in 2020. Actually 2019 was a good year and I'm just in a bit of a funk because I miss my mom. Nevertheless I have high hopes for 2020.

2020. A new year with new opportunities. I love new beginnings. I know some people might say it's stupid to make new years resolutions but I kinda like them. I always think it's never too late to start with good intentions and if making resolutions help you with that , run with it. So I made a short list for myself. I would like to drop a few more pounds. I'm not really out of shape or anything but I do tend to binge and over indulge a lot. Like they say you can't work off a bad diet. So moderation should be key and hopefully I will get closer to getting a healthier relationship with food.

Goals I would like to achieve is to blog at least an average of one or two a month. It doesn't sound much but you should see my concept box. I've written so many posts I've never finished, some of them are about really interesting topics. So I hope I finish more posts this year and get more traffic going on my website.

I also need to start planning my States visit in September. We're mainly doing the nature parks but we've decided to plan the whole trip ourselves. We did have some help from friends planning locations but we still need to fix budget, time management, transportation, insurance and accomadation. I'm always open for recommendations !

Read more. I love reading. I did though but getting started is the hardest. I barely make time for reading and I miss it. That's why I've subscribed to a bookwebsite. I can read up to seven books a month and if I want to I can also listen to them. I barely costs me any money. This small thing makes me happy and 2020 will be all about small victories.

Stress less. I stress way to much and it shows. I always think I'm fine but my body lets me know I am not. I've always been sensitive for ticks when I was a child but they faded for a while but then they came back when I was a teen. Since then it's only gone worse. The last few years I have them really bad. It's not always the same tick but it's a few that reoccur, sometimes at the same time. What makes it worse is when people point it out in front of other people or make jokes about it. Sometimes I feel helpless and feel like nobody gets what I'm going through untill I saw a blogger talk about it. Finally I found someone with the same ticks as me and when I read her story I just cried. We talked about it and I felt understood and less alone in this. Then I cried some more. Not out of sadness but out of relief and happiness.

There are also things I did right in 2019 that I just need to keep doing. I need to keep track of my water intake. These past few months I've been drinking the advised amount of water for my body weight. My skin has cleared up a bit but the big difference is I'm retaining less water. Which might seem weird considering I'm taking more water in but the extra intake helps to flush out toxines and excess fluid.

Going to the gym is one of those things we love and hate the most. It's going to it we hate but we love it when we're there and especially afterwards. I would like to get even fitter this year than last year. I hope to get completely comfortable in my skin. I know I'm not totally out of shape but I know my current eating habbits are preventing me to be at my healthiest and best shape so I hope with moderate eating and cleaner eating and my regular exercise I can get to my best shape while enjoying life's little guilty pleasures once in a while.

Well those were my goals for 2020. Now I'd like to know yours ! Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always up for a chat.


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