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Food : Frencie Cafe Utrecht

A couple of weeks ago I went to Utrecht with my husband and my sister and her husband. I wanted to visit two places, streetfoodclub and Frenchie Café. While we were there we also did an espace room. A really good one if I may say so. It was called 'the queen'. Of course I can't say alot about it because it would suck all the fun out of the game but if you are interested I highly suggest you book it and do it with your friends. You can find them through their website. Fun fact, it's also a game store with an awesome interior ! If you guys are interested I could make a list of all the escaperooms I have done so far and what I would advise you guys.

Eventhough the escaperoom was tots fun, I actually went to visit two food hotspots. First one was Streetfoodclub. They have an amazing interior which I was dying to see. However the company I was with decided that the weather was too good to sit inside. To my dissapointment I only saw a fraction of the interior through the windows as I ate my delicious frozen smoothie bowl. So I can't wait to go back again and do it the right way.

The second hotspot on my list was Frenchie Café and that didn't dissapoint. I wish I took more pictures there because the interior was total goals. I loved the white interior with the pinkish velvet sofa, the marble accents and the good lighting. Picture perfection. The food lived up to the pictures I've seen beforehand. The taste however was too sweet for me. We took a donut and a cupcake. Both of them were super sweet. It's a matter of taste but for me personally it was a bit too sweet. Would it stop me from coming again ? Of course not. I only had a fraction of what was on the menu so I can't wait to taste the rest !

Hope to see you there ?


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