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Beauty : Melting matte lip powder - CLE

Hi there ! For my first ever youtube review I chose an unusual product. As I said on my social media I'll be doing written and video reviews on products I've been purchasing.

I was pretty sceptical towards this product. I bought two colors (Red Cherry, Ultra Summer) that were on sale on for 8 pounds each. When I recieved the two products, the packaging was clean and the color of the powder withing the container looked pretty.

The struggle began when I oppened one of the lip powders. The powder came out and flew around as soon as I took the applicator out of the bottle. This was an unpleasant side effect. Nevertheless the red powder looked very pretty but the powder made if difficult to apply neatly. The orange peachy color 'ultra summer' however did not swatch great. This is why I never tried it on my lips. The swatch was patchy and uneven. Not something you'd like as finish.

The video was short as is my conclusion. The colors are pretty, but the product is not worth the money. This is pretty gimmicky and I don't see this product replacing your other lipproducts any time soon. So don't waste your money on this product and buy something more worth while !

Hope you found this helpfull !



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