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Beauty : 7 € full coverage foundation ? #theordinary

I came across The Ordinary when I recieved one of my #LFbeautyboxes. Inside the box was a cream from the ordinary. Because I ran out of my usual daycream and didn't have the time to pass by the store I thought why not try and use this one. I know what you're thinking "wasn't this about the foundation ?" You're totally right ! Long story cut short I loved the creme, I looked up the brand and found reviews about the foundation. Everybody was raving about it and the price range. A friend of mine (the brains & beauty behind #makeuplashesbrows) bought the serum foundation, which has a more natural coverage, and also loved it. So I just had to buy the full coverage foundation to see for myself.

The Ordinary turns out to be extra ordinary. The company prizes itself on being honest in their prices and towards their consumers. Which did wonders for their brand image and marketing strategy. The brand is booming worldwide and because of the demand the foundations we're quickly out of stock for a while. I'm so happy that they're back in stock and that they have my shades.

I picked two shades that would suit me and to my surprise I can actually pull off both. They're both warm colors but one has more golden tones in it. I like to mix both of them together. The amount of coverage is more of a medium but it's certainly buildable. The wearability is okay for an entire work day but it's not as long-lasting as my double wear. My skins seems to respond great to it. I've notices I have less to almost no dry spots which did appear when wearing double wear foundation. It's a bit more creamy but I defiantly don't mind. It feels natural and it looks natural as well which is perfect for day make up. I would rate this foundation 4 out of 5 stars. The only downside is the wearability and the coverage. Nevertheless a great foundation and definitely worth the money.

Hopefully my experience will help you find your perfect match !


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