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Personal : Sauna Atlantis

This week my husband turned 28 and for the occasion I booked a private wellness complex at Atlantis in Boechout, Antwerp. We've been there before but we never used the outdoor complex only the inside one. The fact that they renovated the place made me even more excited !

As soon as we entered we fell in love with the interior. They used materials such as marble and wood. Everything was clean and decorated perfectly. My hat goes off to the person who did the interior decorating. Inside we could use the hot tub, the showers and the steam bath. Outside we could go for a swim in the heated pool or to the sauna. I must say there was so much to do and so much space we were thinking doing this with friends another time.

After a relaxing two hours we wrapped it up by taking showers and using the body and hair products that were provided. Overall we were more than pleasantly pleased with our visit and will definitely come back. I hope our experience will help you decide if it's worth it to visit this establishment. We think it is !


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