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Beauty : New Look Beauty

Apparently a lot of you guys didn't know New Look sold cosmetic products. Which does surprise me because that would mean you haven't stepped foot in a New Look the past few years. Unless you only check out the shoe department. Then I get you babe.

They started out small like H&M but now they're doing cosmetic glitters, foundations, make up brushes, .... . I got the body wash and the scrub at an event. I didn't buy them myself. I did however bought cosmetic glitters that I'm planning to use for another look.

A lot on instagram asked what I thought of these two items, that why I'm doing this mini review. Because I didn't buy it I got the prices from their website. The Sugar exfoliating body scrub is sold for 7,99 pounds which would be around 9 euro. The Coconut & Rose body wash is only 3,99 pounds about 5 euro.

I used the sugar scrub first. The smell was sweet like honey. It looked yellow as well. I'm not a huge fan of the smell but it wasn't a big dislike either. Once you started scrubbing the consitancy changed and the yellow turned into a milk color. Which was weird but not an unpleasant surprise. The yellow consistancy was pretty thick so I already thought I had to use a lot of product if I wanted to scrub from head to toe. But with the water it turned milky which was good because it became thinner and easier to apply. A pleasant surprise I must say. If I had to compare it with a product I use from Rituals I would say my scrub from Rituals is better. Ritual products have very nice smells and the scrubs are really good as well. They are a bit pricier but they're worth it. Is this a must buy ? I say nay #sorrynotsorry.

The Coconut & Rose was exactly what I expected. The smell was great. Not to harsh but not to faint. The product foamed like crazy. My skin felt clean but not dehydrated. So you're wondering if this is a must buy ? I wouldn't say go and run to your local New Look and buy the entire shelf. I would say this. If you're looking for something low budget with a nice smell and you don't have a special skin, buy it. I thinkt the price is right for what you're getting here. Next time I'm at New Look I'll buy a new one probably.


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