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Food : Hoeked Doughnuts

On wednesday I wore pink and ate doughnuts that were as pretty as my outfit. Antwerp's newest food hotspot got everybody hooked.

A doughnut shop where I caught myself drooling while waiting to order. I couldn't decide how much and which ones to take. I took four flavors wishing I could take them all. Behind the glass counter each donut looked like a pinterest picture ready to be pinned. I couldn't wait to sit outside in the sun and taste. So there I was outside on a bench in front of the store. My foodie in crime, my sister, and I each took a different flavor and switched when we were in the middle. The first taste was amazing. The crust was golden brown. The texture inside was soft and not too dry. The topping was like a cherry on top of the sunday. Not too overpowering but certainly a nice addition. We ate a total of four flavors : SaltySweet (caramel), BitterSweet (chocolate), BluesBeater (blueberry), HOEKEDonBERLINer (custard filling). Thinking back I wish I did buy all the other flavors. But now I know what to do next time I find myself wandering in the city.

If you're ever in Antwerp and in need a some tasty goodness doughnut stop 'till you reach Hoeked Doughnuts, But beware you might get hooked !

Hoeked Doughnuts

Oudaan 4

2000 Antwerpen

Open Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 - 17:00, open on shopping sundays


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