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Beauty : Glamglow

The brand Glamglow isn't new to me. I already own two of their products. I'm a true believer of the Glamglow thirsty mud mask and I've also been using the plumprageous matte lip treatment as a primer. Because my experience with the two previous products was good I thought I'd go on a splurge and buy 3 other products I've never tested. I went to Ici Paris XL and bought the Glow starter which is said to be a mega illuminating glow starter. I also bought their new make up setting spray and the plumprageous metallic lip treatment.

First off I tried the glow starter. I bought the shade pearl glow. I thought I'd just buy the most neutral shade there is because I'm so fair at the moment. But seeing how it spreads of the skin I realize I could have gone for a warmer shade such as their 'nude glow'. I know this should be seen as a moisturizer but I really like my Vichy moisturizer so I'll be using the glow starter as a primer before I put on my foundation. The cream has a scent to it, not too harsh for me so it's okay. You see a slight glow when applied but not an 'out of this world glow'. I like the texture. My skin feels a bit tacky which is good because lately I feel like my skin is on a hormonal rollercoaster and it just needs so much more hydration.

The combo with my usual foundation 'Double Wear' is a match made in heaven. The Double Wear is really mattifying which is what I look for in a foundation but unfortunately some spots do stand out more because they're less hydrated. That's why the cream helped balancing that out without making me produce a lot of excess oils during the day. So I could say that overall wearablility is okey but is it a gift sent from the gods ? No I don't think so. I see some people using it as a highlighter on top of the foundation. To me the glow isn't strong enough and I'm seriously worried what would happen if I'd place it over a Double Wear foundation. So if I'd recommend you this product ? If you like a slight glow, need hydration and like rich creams I say yes but beware for the price tag.

One last thing about the glow starter is that the packaging is pretty. It looks high priced and luxurious. That's not something I can say for the setting spray. This item is something that disappointed me a bit. I'm very big on packaging. Even though the bottle is pink the material that is used feels like a strong plastic. I don't know perhaps I expected too much from it ? This product is also scented but even more than the cream. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing but you don't want to have the feeling that you're spraying perfume on your face. Do I like the smell ? Yes I do. Because the scent isn't long lasting it doesn't bother me. What does bother me a bit is the amount of times I have to spray to set my entire face. I feel like I have to pump just twice more than I would with my Mac Fixing spray. Overall experience isn't bad. It does set the make-up and the smell is nice if you like that kind of thing.

Last but not least I bought the plumprageous metallic lip treatment in shade 'lusty'. Take note that this is also the shade that's in my giveaway. Like I already said I took a neutral shade just so I could check it out coverage wise. The products is like an ordinary gloss. I like the shimmer a lot. The product is build-able but I like it the most when it's sheer. You'll feel the plumping effect immediately. You do see it a bit but perhaps It's just my eyes tricking me. I'm happy with this product and I do not regret buying it. I'll be using this more often and perhaps try out the other shades as well. I hope you found this review useful !


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