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Beauty : Beautybox - Natural Beauty

May's beautybox was full of goodies I could use. Of course there are always some products I can't use but I give them to my friends of hold on to them for a give away. I'm always interested in finding new brands and products. That's why I love these boxes. I have a subscription but if that's too big of a commitment for you, you can always buy the box at the end of the month or only the individual products. You can always use my discount code 'RENEE-REJ' on lookfantastic for your first purchase.


1. This works, Perfect legs skin miracle

This cream is made to counter discoloration of the skin but also hide imperfections and scars on. So bye bye gray legs !

2. Vitamasques, Pomegranate firming lifting mask

This luxurious sheet masks is just what you need for that little pick me up to restore your skin.

3. Omoroviscza, Cleansing foam

Usually I'm skeptical towards foam cleansers because they tend to dehydrate. This cleanser however says to cleanse the skin without dehydrating. Leaving the skin clean, firm and hydrated.

4. Madara Smar, anti-oxidants fine line minimizing day cream

This cream tackles the first fine lines of aging by melting in to the skin. The cream is formulated for dry to extremely dry skin types.

5. Alterna, Caviar CC Cream

This leave in hair mask is what I can't wait to try. It's already sold out. I'm curious if this lives up to the hype !

6. Laura Geller, Baked balance n brighten foundation

This foundation for a luminous glow with sheer cover is also color correcting. A must try for those who want a natural radiant glow.

7. Merci Handy, Cleansing gel

Always useful when you're on the go. These come in different scents. They're also small and easy to carry with you.

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