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Beauty : Iconic London

I just can't help myself. Everytime I see a new product beautyproduct on instagram I want to try, I just buy it. I can't control it anymore. I'm what you call a shopaholic. It might sound like a bad thing but if I wouldn't have the urge to buy things, you'd never read anything on the blog would you ?

So I came across Iconic London a while back but I've been waiting for the right moment to buy these babies. I'm always on the look out for a good deal. Coupons or discount codes are my way to convince myself I'm doing the right thing. So Iconic London occasionally shares discount codes for articles. Normally they don't apply for the highlighters because they're super special. I haven't tried their foundations and contour sticks yet but I was thinking If the highlighters were good I might buy them as well.

So you're probably wondering if the liquid highlighters are worth the hype ? They are ! Normally I only use powder highlighters but I'm always up for trying new things. These liquid highlighters come in three tones. From light to dark you have shine, original, glow. You can find the swatches below. I love the fact that they have three different kind of shades that could be used for different skin tones.

How to use ? Because they're liquid you best not set it on powder. If you do , you'll probably get the wrong texture and end result. You should apply this right after your foundation. I applied mine with a beautyblender but I guess you can also use a brush. If you use a brush use featherlight soft strokes. Because it's liquid it might shift the foundation layer you've got going on below. That's why it's better to dab than to stroke. The color is buildable. You can layer the amount if you're not satisfied with only one application.

Multipurpose ? I wouldn't only use this as a highlighter. I'd use it to mix with my foundation as well. I usually wear matte foundations because of the unwanted shine on my forehead but by mixing the highlighter with the foundation you can create your own illuminated sun kissed glow.

Be aware ! The glitter glow in this product is harsh. So you don't use too much. It might look good in the mirror but be aware! Be sure to test it in different lights. My ringlight made it seam like my face was super glowy. Which it was but when a ray of sunlight hit my face it was blinding. So be aware of the glow.

For this look I used all three highlighters as a total look. First I applied my usual foundation (Double Wear, Estée Lauder). Then I applied the shade 'original' all over my face. I used 'glow' for contour and 'shine' as highlighter. I used my beautyblender for the application. This went flawless. I love the coverage. Of course I wasn't going for a natural look. I would recommend mixing the highlighter with your foundation or just as an ordinary highlighter. I'm super happy with my highlighters and I'm sure I'll use them in the future. Because I'm so satisfied of these products I'm seriously considering other products of this brand ! I hope this review helped you with your decision wether to buy this product or perhaps other products of Iconic London. Enjoy your weekend !



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