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Food : Humm Antwerp

Antwerp is the city of endless surprises. I keep discovering new hotspots that serve good food in pretty interiors. One of my most recent discoveries is Humm Antwerp. They have two locations and after my visit to the one at Dageraadplaats I can't wait to visit the other one.

I would describe the menu as a cultural melting pot. Their goal is to serve fresh organic & original food. i must say they succeeded. So if you're ever in town and in the mood for something mostly savory this is vialable option. Just a heads up tho', you gotta love hummus but I mean who doesn't ! Ps : this location has a pretty terras in the back so if you fancy the sun you can catch all those rays.


Hümm Antwerp

Dageraadplaats 33

2018 Antwerp

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