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Fashion : Cluse - Embrace your force of Nature

This SS19 Cluse launched their collection. They created a collection with a message ad if I may say it's a powerfull one.

This collection is all about embracing your force and self-love. To inspire others I was given the task to describe how I feel 'strong'. For many people it can be in the way they dress, how they treat others or their body language.

"I believe peoples biggest strenght is knowing their selfworth. "

I believe my biggest strenght is know my selfworth. Nobody knows me better than I know myself. How I see myself affects everything. How I dress, how I carry myself and how I treat others. I'm confident in my own way and by loving myself for it instead of doubting myself I'm way happier. I hope that this campaign stimulates more people to think about their strenghts and help spread positivity.

The spring summer 2019 collection from Cluse consists 2 designs that have a total of 9 different finishes.

La Tétragone

Style it up, feel powerful, embrace your wild side !

La Tétragone is a strong square design that comes with different shades of alligator straps with the exception of the full gold mesh design. I'm always looking for the new and special so it might not be a surprise that I went for the full gold mesh design. I almost only wear gold so this design with be a great addition to my entire wardrobe.


Embrace your force of nature and feel the power of the jungle !

The Triomphe is an elegant round design with a phython strap and a pearl dial plate. A very hot trend for upcomming season. The design is available in three finishes: gold, silver and rose gold. An unique piece that is easy to combine with any wardrobe.

I'm curious to know what you would wear and how you embrace your force and feel powerful.

Be sure you check out the campaign on Cluse !


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