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Fashion : Style tips for short girls

We girls come in all shapes and sizes. I've been blessed with many features but one of them isn't height. Not that I'm complaining. Physically I can't change my height but I can create the optical illusion of longer legs giving me a few extra inches and a slimmer appearance. I do this by using the following tricks ! xoxo

  • Wear skirts or trousers that start at the waist. This creates the illusion that your legs start higher.

  • Belt that dress. Not only will it create the illusion of a slimmer waist it will also make the lower part of your body look longer.

  • Pointed shoes elongate your legs.

  • Heels give you those few extra inches.

  • Stay away from ankle boots. They cut you off at the ankle making your lower leg look short. If you choose for an ankle boot opt for one in a neutral tone color or if you have black ones wear a black panty.

  • Wide leg of palazzo pants combined with heels make your legs look super long as your lower legs look longer.

  • Last one isn't a styling tip but just general advice. Posture is so important. Just by pulling your shoulders back and standing straight you appear taller and also more confident.

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