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Food : Mama Kelly Amsterdam

For my 28th birthday my sisters took me to Mama Kelly's in Amsterdam. It's a place I've wanted to visit for a while now and I must say it did live up to my expectations.

Eventhough there aren't a lot of vegetarian options, the smoothie bowl I ordered with some parmesan fries on the side (weird combo I know) were both delicious. I highly recommend checking their menu online. My sisters took the lobster and chicken with the same fries on the side. Portions are big so you won't leave with hunger or feel like you paid too much. I had no more room for dessert but my sisters had sticky toffee as dessert. As they finished their plate I can only assume they liked it. Cocktails were as good as the food and there were a lot of options.

Their interior was a great motivator for me. I'm a sucker for pink interiors and good food. This place is a perfect combination of both those things. There are two other floors with a different pink decor. We ate on the ground floor which was in my opinion the best place for pictures because of the natural light. Of course every floor has it's charms so wherever your seated you'll always have an instagramamble position.

I'm definitelly coming here again (with different outfits). Will I see you there ?

PS: you can book a table online!


Olympisch Stadion 35

1076 DE Amsterdam


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