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Beauty : Hourglass Valentine edition

We don't really celebrate Valentinesday that's why I chose to buy my own present.

I bought the valentines edition from Hourglass cosmetics. As you might know I have several Hourglass peoducts5 in my make up stash but I have never tried their lipsticks. They are a bit pricy (31 pounds) but the upside is that their lipsticks are refillable (refill 20 pounds) which now a days isn't such a bad idea. The design looks and feels super luxurious.

Their valentines edition came in an special edition. Two shades for a slightly more affordable price in a cute packaging. Great as a gift for your loved one or for yourself.

The two shades 'All of me' and 'loves all of you' are very wearable. The texture is so smooth it applies easy. I'm so happy it's refillable because it would be a shame to throw the case away. Now I have an excuse to buy a new one.

Let me know what you think of these shades !


All of me
Loves all of you

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