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Food : Mooy - Antwerp Hotspot

I went to Mooy last weekend. Nothing I like more than an all pink interior ( e.g. Cuisinette Domestic, Chez Claire, Thomas Eindhoven, ...).

I only took a couple of pictures as it was very busy. Good to see business is going good. They have an extended menu with a lot of special dishes (for my taste). However If you're on a budget I suggest you go there for breakfast instead of lunch. I found it a bit pricy but the food might justify the price, but I didn't eat there so I'm not able to judge that. I hope to do some day, so when that day comes I'll be sure to let you know !

Besides food you can also walk further and find yourself in the beauty store for things such as perfumes, candles and skincare. Perfect for luxury ponies. Honestly I'd buy something just for the packaging so they'll probably see me there again soon. I couldn't resist making use of the setting considering there was nobody in the store itself. This meaning I'll probably go there again for another outfitpicture.

Perhaps I'll see you posing there too ?



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