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Food : Streetfood Club - Utrecht

I went to Utrecht for a second time this year and I wish I could go every month. However that would be a very pricy endeavor. This time I did take pictures in Streetfood Club. Last time we ate outside and it wasn't very suitable for pictures. This time I came with a mission. Streetfood Club is know for it's beautifull interiors. You read it right interiorS. The inside is divided in multiple corners each with it's own interior. I took pictures in three of them but there are so many more. A perfect reason why I should certainly go again !

For food you can find a good mix of sweet and savory. For those who don't like surprises you can find the menu online as well. A nice plus are the cocktails you can order with your meal or you can just drop by to drink them at the bar. You'll definitely see me here again !

Streetfood Club

Janskerkhof 9


Open 7 days a week from 10:00 - till late


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