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Beauty : Halloween looks 2018

Halloween was this week and for those who follow me on my instagram and facebook will notice I created some make up looks for Halloween. I wish I did a lot more of them but I'm happy with what I've created so far. I made three looks in total with a different level of spooky.

I'll let know you know what what products I used to create these. Some were a bit more difficult than others. Nevertheless I hope you can draw some inspiration from these looks for Carnaval or next year's Halloween.


1. Creepin' it real

This one was made with the orange eyeshadow taken from the Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance pallet. The black eyeshadow I took from Huda Beauty's Rose Gold pallet. The matte black lines / paint was from a grease paint pallet I purchased a few years back. I barely used it so this was the perfect occasion. For the full effect I did use a tool to smooth away my lips so the effect was spot on.

2. If you've got it haunt it

For this look all you need is a make-up look of choice, some powder, a glue stick and some face paint. I just used my usual make-up look and added a wing liner for the bit of extra. I did wipe my brows away and made the skin around my brows and brows clean so there would be no grease left. This way the glue from the glue stick would do a better job attaching to your skin. With a stiff brush I went through my brows brushing them upwards so it stuck to my head. Then I powdered it down. I glued the surface again and pressed powder on it withouth brushing it through. You can do this until you feel no more hairs coming through. After that it's pretty simple just draw the outlines of your skull and fill it in. For an extra effect you can powder the skull down with the same shade of eyeshadow.

3. Paint me like on of your french girls

For this look you just create a make up look and look up examples of bruises. You use the images of real bruises to recreate them by using the right colors. For the colors of the bruising I used the Mehron bruise wheel and a couple of eyeshadow brushes. The trick is to be a bit sloppy. If you want some texture like I did on my lip, you can use some scarring liquid. Mine was from Mehron. You just apply it and wait for it to dry then you stretch the skin a bit so the dried liquid cracks a bit.

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