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Food : High Tea @ Cuisinette Domestic

For my birthday I wanted to do a high tea. I found this place on Instagram smack down in the middle of Antwerp that I never heard of before. I was probably the last person that knew there was an all pink room in Antwerp. Nevertheless there is no beter location that combines my two favorite things : food and the color pink. I just had to go!

When you walk through the front door you'll find yourself in the cutest bakery. The smell is amazing. After I mentioned I had reservations for a high tea a lovely lady escorted us upstairs. She explained we could choose between the yellow or pink room. I already had my heart set on the pink one but I'm definitely coming back for the yellow one and pink one. Who am I kidding they'll see me every month. Besides the food this is the perfect backdrop for any outfit picture.

As we settled in to our room and took the first snaps we we're quickly told what this high tea would consist of. For the price of 31euro you get a combination of sweets and savory foods with coffee or tea. The portions aren't huge but the portions are correct. I ate everything and I was full. Satisfied enough so I could manage temptation of the pastries in the bakery as we paid the bill.

This is a place I will surely visit again. I recommend this to everyone who likes food in a different setting. Great for an intimate moment for two or with a large group of friends.

Cuisinette Domestic

Lange Gasthuisstraat 5

2000 Antwerpen


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