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Food : Cereal Heaven

Saturday I turned 27. Even though I wasn't excited to age I though it might be fun to embrace my inner child and go to Cereal Heaven. Cereal Heaven is a breakfast bar in Antwerp that serves - you've guessed it- cereal ! Not just any cereal, all the colors of the rainbow can be chosen with two toppings. 

Before you eat you have to choose. First you choose the size of your bowl 'small - medium - large'. Then you can choose up to three kinds of cereal for the wall. When you're done you can pick two toppings. For those in never ending doubt they've provided a couple of combinations on the menu. It's super easy and so delicious. I'm definitely coming back! Maybe I'll see you there ? 

Cereal Heaven

Vlasmarkt 30

2000 Antwerpen


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