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Beauty : Bronzy Pink on my nails

Pink Gellac a brand I've been using for a while came out with a color which is perfect for fall and for me. Bronzy pink. I'm always on the lookout for new colors for me and my clients that's why this color would fit perfectly with my collection. Gellish is something that's easy to do on your own nails. It's also easy to remove !

I was curious about this color's coverage because it's a darker color but it has glitter in it as well. But surprisingly I would almost get away with only one coat. Of course I'm a full coverage kinda girl so I went for two layers. Because of the intensity of this color I could also use this for nail art as well. I'm so pleased with this color although I must say I like it more when the sun shines on it. The color is more bright and intense. The glow is gorgeous ! I've had the color on my nails for a week and it hasn't worn off at all. Normally I wear a color one or two weeks because then you can see the outgrowth. The site guarantees a wearability of two weeks but if you prep, base and coat properly you can get 3 to 4 weeks out of it without it coming of.

So far I'm definitely a fan ! So if you're still looking for that perfect fall color that is intense and long lasting you've found it. Be sure to check out the site because they frequently give discounts!


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