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Food : Breakfast in Texas

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Last weekend I had breakfast in Antwerp with my sister. When we came across Texas Antwerp on social media we knew we had to go there. We love a good breakfast and that's exactly what they were serving. If you like a big breakfast that will keep you satisfied 'till noon this is the place for you too !

Eggs, bacon and pancakes. That pretty much sums up the menu. Well you can always opt for granola, but seriously who'd take granola ? We took the pancakes with blueberies and maple syrup. I can tell you'll get your money's worth. We quickly got our order. A stack of fresh pancakes. I thought I could eat it all but unfortunately I didn't make it (but believe me next time I will). Price range for food is between 8 € - 15 € depending what and how much you order.

For drinks I took a pink latte and my sister took a regular one. Afterwards we took an iced latte which was good and not too sweet (unlike that coffee at Sissy Boy in Tilburg). For beverages you have plenty of choice in my opinion. From freakshakes to a selection of tea's. I'm sure you'll find something to your liking.

Overall I'd recommend this place to people who have a big appetite and love a typical american breakfast. For all you iggers out there the interior is instaproof so no worries. The place is also quite cosy so you might want to book a table in advance. Maybe we'll bump into eachother there ?


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