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Beauty : Dr. Brandt Magnetic Mask

You read it right. A magnetic mask. This mask by Dr. Brandt I bought through is my all time favorite mask at the moment. For €57,80 you'll get 90 grams of magnetic age - defier iron infused mask. The product promises to recharge the skin, work anti-aging and purify and refine pores.

At first I thought that the iron infused cream was a gimmick. And it still might be but my god this mask does wonders for my skin. I have combination skin and when I use this mask my skin feels good but also looks good. If you've read my previous posts you'll see I'm big on skin care and hydration. Well this product does fulfill my needs. My skin automatically gets a healthy glow, previous redness and dry patches disapear without leaving my skin feeling greasy.

How this magic mask works you ask ? Well you apply it with a spatula which is included in the box. Spread an even thin layer over your face. Be sure to avoid the skin around your eyes and mouth because this is more delicate. Then leave it on for five to ten minutes. Wrap a tissue around the magnet and hover over the face without touching it. You'll feel and see the infused iron going towards the magnet. After the iron is removed you'll notice that there's still a layer of cream on your face. Don't wash this off, just let it soak in further.

I like to do this mask before I go to sleep. So I can wake up with great skin as my foundation for my make-up. Believe me this is one mask you won't regret. If you have very sensitive skin don't hesitate to contact me for the list of ingredients.


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