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Beauty : L'oréal Colorista

I still have partially bleached hair but I'm probably going back to brown next month. I've done the color scene. I went from brown hair to white. But before I turn back so my trusty brown locks I wanted to go for a popping color. I wanted a color that would suit me perfectly. Which other color would that be other than pink. I love pink. I always wanted pink but I didn't have the stones to dye my hair permanently. So when L'oréal came out with semi-permant dies I couldn't resist. I chose #dirtypink.

My first attempt was a bit of a fail. I quickly realized that one bottle wasn't going to cut it. I needed at least two to cover my hair. So I ended up with a few very colorful locks and a vague pink color. I needed a second attempt to fix what I've done. So I bought two new packages, divided my hair into layers and applied generously. After washing the residue I'm happy with the result.

Overall I love the product. It's not pricy if you have short hair but if you have longer hair I do recommend buying two bottles at the same time just in case you need one. The fuller and longer your hair the pricier it gets. Don't know if you're willing to pay more for a color that just washes away after two times. I do recommend everybody to divide your hair into layers for optimal coverage. If you don't have light hair I do not advise you to do this. You'd have to bleach your hair first. Which I only recommend when it's done professionally. Hope this review was helpful !


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