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Fashion : H&M Conscious Collection

Let's get things straight. The H&M Conscious collection isn't entirely made from sustainable material. The good thing is that H&M is using this collection as a stepping stone towards a more sustainable future and increasing there use of sustainable materials each year. Honestly in a perfect world all items should be made from such material, but unfortunately we don't live in one. The world is however what we make of it. Promoting the sense of sustainability in fashion is a baby step but nevertheless a small step is better than nothing. I know companies could do more but I'm glad to see that there is more awareness in the fashion industry that would hopefully rub off to the general population. We as consumers play a big role in the production process. More than we realize. It's not realistic to expect that you're able to buy a top for 5 euro and expect that you're paying for a sustainable production process. Unless you're thrift shopping which I fully support !

So what I mean is that we should just be okay with the fact that there is more awareness. I'm not saying that we should settle for it but we as consumers have to speak out that we support such initiatives and we're willing to pay the price. All this in the hope that there will be a bigger shift in the future. If we don't change our perception we'll end up paying a bigger price at the cost of our planet. This year's conscious collection I was willing to pay the price. Instead of buying more items for a lower price I wanted to invest in one piece that had a message.


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