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Beauty : Beauty Box - Elle Edit

Lookfantastic came out with a Elle Edition of it's very own beauty box. I was very nervous to see what was inside but I was even more nervous to try it all. Don't worry you can try it too. After the month has past you can buy the beauty box of your choosing. On lookfantastic you can not only buy the beautybox but also the products individually and much more ! You can always use my discount code 'RENEE-REJ' or just go through this link and get 15 % off !


Pür, Minerals dissaperaing act concealer.

I already have a great concealer by Becca's cosmetics but I'm not afraid to use this one if mine runs out. Only problem could be that the color is a bit to dark for me. I have pretty fair skin so I have to test this out first. Otherwise this will go to my sister who has slightly darker skin than me. The brand promises that this product would help hide dark circles, blemishes and signs of redness. I'm a bit sceptical about this because colorcorrecting dark circles and redness invovles two different tones. The packaging is also very simple. It could use a upgrade in my opinion.

Skinchemists, 24H Aqua Repair Facial Serum.

You guys know I'm big on hydrating the skin. So this aqua repair facial serum is something I would definitely try for my skin. Currently I'm using one from Collistar that is brightning. I'm very pleased with it but this serum promises to hydrate but also improve natural firmness and stimulate the renewal for a brighter, smoother complexion. Let's be honest doesn't everybody want that from their serum ?

Redken, Heatcure Treatment.

Redken has been around for a while but 'Heatcure' ? I've never heared about it. Maybe that's why I'm afraid to use it ? I'm just kidding ofcourse I'll use this one. It's a salon quality hair mask. Because of it's formula it heats up as it works its magic. At the end you should be left with beautifully soft, conditioned and smooth locks. I can't wait to try this !

ST. Tropez, Instant Gloss.

Another brand that's quite familiar to me is St. Tropez. Summer is right around the corner and I feel like my pasty glow in the dark sticks people call legs won't or will never be summer ready. That's why I cheat every summer with my Clarins glow booster drops. Not to appear darker but to make my leggs a bit more presentable. I initially thought this was a tanning product. I was relieved to see it was a tan enhancer. It's used to enhance an existing tan or on it's own for a boost of color and shine. Sounds promising !

Caudalie, Vine active 3 in 1 moisturiser.

I've seen this brand before. I believe in my local pharmacy. I'm always happy to receive moisturisers. I keep one in my bag everytime when I have a shoot. I haven't opened the product yet so I'm not sure about the consistency. I have combination skin and most moisturisers tend to make my skin a bit too greasy. However they say it's a ligthweight cream that's perfect for adding essental moisture and hydration into the skin. It contains a unique anti-pollution technology to keep the skin clean and clear.

Starskin Eye Catcher, Smoothing coconut bio-cellulose second skin eye mask.

This is a product I've seen people use on the internet. I believe Estee Lauder has a similar product. Eye masks are all the rage and you know how much I love masks. Rich in coconut juice, liquorice root extract, each mask is soaked in a host of vitamins to reduce dark circles and fine lines while chamomile works to reduce any puffiness.

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