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Beauty : Glitterlips

Tomorrow is my birthday ! So for this occasion I wanted to use the ultimate party accessory "glitter lips". But before going out with this on my lips I had to try it out first. I bought mine on beauty's Nederland. Well actually I bought two colors "Ruby Slippers" & "Cherry Pie". I couldn't choose. I like a deep purple but I tend to reach for that color a lot. That's why I opted for a red "Ruby Slippers". On the site you'll find more options. Each color costs 18,95 €.

So it says on the site that all Glitterlips products are waterproof and smudgeproof. Each application will hold up to 8 hours. Inside the box you'll get a applicator, glue and a small jar of glitter which you could use at least 25 times.

So after I did my usual make up routine I did my lips. I applied the glue. The smell was bad. The good thing is the smell fades away pretty fast. I waited until the glue turned transparant. Then I started putting on the glitter with the applicator. I lost a lot of product then. I did it over the sink. Next time I think I'll just use a mirror and put a piece of paper under my face so I can put the rest of the glitters back in the jar. When I applied the glitter I thought to myself 'why am I so stupid?'. I should've done the lips first. I had some glitters around my mouth that were hard to remove. With a lot of patience and precise work with an eyeshadow brush I got rid of all the glitters that found their way around my lips on to my chin and cheeks.

The result was great. I like the coverage it gives. It does feel weird but I must say you get used to it. For being waterproof I must admit it doesn't come off easy. I tried removing it with micellair water from Vichy and a bit of pressure. After a while it came of but I'm taking about a good 5 minutes of soaking and dabbing/rubbing. Next time I'll just use a waterproof make up remover.

So I do like the product. I haven't really partied with it so I can't say it'll last 8 hours but if I do I'll be sure to let you know. However I did like the look and it does qualify as a perfect party gimmick / accessory. You'll definitely have all eyes on you !

Hope you like the pictures !


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