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Beauty : And so the adventure begins ...

I recently subscribed to the Lookfantastic 'Beauty Box'. This subscription will last for 12 months. So every month I will share my box with you and perhaps some items will be featured in another post after being taken to the test! For those who aren't familiar with a beauty box. A beauty box is a box you get delivered and contains a few surprise beauty products every month including a booklet with extra information of the products you've received.

I like the fact you get the chance to discover new products without paying a lot of money. Price range is between 15.50 € and 20 € /box. Because the price is low you don't always get full sized products. On the other had you didn't waist a lot of money either and in case you do like an item you're able to buy the full size version on the site. If you don't like the option of a subscription you always get the opportunity to purchase a box of a month that's already past. Feel free to use my discount code "RENEE-REJ" with your first purchase !


So the January box contains the following items :

1. Trifle Cosmetics, liquid glow

This highlighter looks pretty promising. It has a pinkish glow that would fit my complexion well. It's hypoallergenic and free from chemicals such as mineral oil and parabens. The cocoa butter makes sure you skin will be nurished and hydrated as well. Doesn't that sound peachy ?

2. Jelly Pong Pong, Fairy Lashes Mascara

This curling mascara is supposed to be long lasting and should give you incredible length and volume. This product is also hypoallergenic so it's suitable for sensitive eyes.

3. The vintage cosmetic company , Rose gold tweezers

I'm a big fan of Tweezerman and I know they recently launched their rose gold collection. I haven't purchased them yet so I am eager to compare it with this one by The vintage cosmetic company. So far the design itself looks cute. I like the vintage packaging.

4. Nuxe, Lotion Tonique Douce

I like Nuxe. Almost everybody likes Nuxe. I'm sure i'll like this tonic that is infused with rose petals and coconut. The main goal of this product is to nourish your skin and shrink your pores.

The fact that it's also suitable for the eyes is a plus.

4. Pixi, Brow Tamer

Pixi, a brand that's well known for their glow tonic. I don't have a lot of brow hair. That's why I did microblading. But maybe this will help me keep those few stray hairs in place. But I would only use this if I was going for a natural look.

5. Briogeo, Don't dispair, Repair ! Deep conditioning mask.

I have bleached hair so I can use all the hair care I can get especially during these winter days. The colder weather can leave hair a bit dry and dull. This conditioning mask supposedly adds radiance and vitality. The mask is a blend of avacado oil and B-vitamin complex.

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