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Beauty : Hangover make up

We've all been there. The day after a great night. For me it's the day after a great night with my good friends Bellini and Tequila.

I call this my hangover make up look inspired by the original Japanese make up look. The original 'Igari' make up look makes you look like you are hungover. Instead I try to use the same techniques to turn the look around so you can use it to look fresh.

First things first I put on my base : primer + foundation + concealer. For this look I don't shape / contour my face like I usually do. I only do the nose because that's the one thing I can't do without. The reason why I don't chisel my face is because it makes the face look ''stronger'' and ''defined''. You want a more round "full" face like you would have if you were a child. So this time we're not hiding that babyfat. I did the eyebrows like I normally do. I use a brow gel first followed by powder.

Moving on to the eyes. You don't see it so clearly on the pictures but for the eyes I used pink tones. i believe my light was too bright for these shots. The original hangover make up uses pink and red tones to make the eyes look ''sick'' and "tired". I used the lighter shades on my mobile eyelid and instead of red on the lower lash line I used glitter. To really open up the eyes I used a white eyeliner on my waterline and a dash of the glitter on my inner corners of my eyes. Finished of with some eyelash primer and mascara on the top and lower lashes.

The blush. The key element of this look is the blush. I started of with a pearl highlighter, which I also applied gently on the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. The first (yes I used several) blush I applied was a light pinkish blush with glitter. Placement here is crucial. You want to put the blush right underneath the eyes, only on the apples of the cheeks. To create more dimension in the blush add a semi matte blush softly on top. Your naturally blushed cheeks are now on point. You can go over with the pearl highlighter to blend it out.

To finish the look you want to add some color to your lips. I just used a sheer pink gloss, but honestly a simple lip balm with a pink tone would do the trick.

Okey this sums up all the steps for creating a healthy glow look that makes you look cute and young at the same time !

If you'd rather have a youtube tutorial (which I would be happy to do) or any other of my make up looks on my Instagram just let me know by leaving a message bellow or pm on Insta.


Products used :

Primer : Guerlain, Météorites Base

Foundation : Estee Lauder, Double Wear

Shaping (nose) : MAC, Shaping Powder

Eyebrows : Eylure, bow pomade + Mac eyeshadow

Eyeshadow : Anastasia Beverly Hills, Renaissance pallet

Lashes : MAC, primer False Lashes Maximizer + Chanel, Mascara Dimensions

Highlighter : MAC, Iridescent powder Sparkling Rose

Blush : YSL, Blush Radiance + MAC, Blush Breezy

Lips : MAC, cremesheen glass Galaxy Rose (Nutcracker edition)

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