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Beauty : St. Tropez self tanning

I'm not the kind of person to sit at the pool and tan. I barely get a tan. However I do feel like a splash of color gives a more healthy appearance. Especially when you're as white as me. So I decided to try St. Tropez's express mousse. I have fake tanned before but I always used lightly bronzed cremes that fade after a day or two. This however should last for a week. It was the first time ever and if you swipe left you can see the before and after.

On the picture it isn't completely visible but I did notice I missed some spots or had noticeable darker places where my skin is a bit dry. That's why I made up a list of tips I should keep in mind for my next try and perhaps it would be useful to read this before your first attempt.

  • Scrub beforehand

  • Apply lotion on to ankles, elbows, hands, toes and knees and then apply some more

  • Buy a good tanning glove

  • Don't forget the inside of your belly button, your armpits, between your toes and fingers

  • Find someone to do your back

  • Legs first than the rest (belly marks)

  • Do a visual check when you think you are done

  • Wear loose clothes after while everything is working in

  • Don't sweat !

  • Use the body lotion and wash gel to prolong your tan

  • Use a different tanning agent and your face

Well these are all the tips I can give you. I hope you found them useful. Overall I'm happy with the results I got even though I still need some practice. Let me know what you think and if tell if there's something I forgot !


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