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Fashion : I ordered from

People know I'm a shopping addict and I specialize in online shopping. I usually tend to shop at the same online shops. So this time I diverted from my usual routine and tried to order something from It's an online shop that's quite similar to aliexpress. I've ordered from aliexpress multiple times but always for little things such as nail gems or tips. Romwe's advertising is usually about the clothing they sell. I bought something from Romwe like 7 years ago and this was before online shop was a given thing for shops. The things I got then were from good quality. However I never stood still at the extra costs customs could charge me. I only ordered something small a few years back so I never got the additional costs but I know customs have become a lot more strict these days.

The price is right

Items you see on romwe are cheap. The same price range as Aliexpress, but be carefull when you order. Always check where the goods are from. Then google how much you're allowed to pay at max without getting extra custom costs. There are a lot of import calculators you can use that calculate the costs of the item and shipping costs. The maximum value you can shop for without extra costs also depends on the country from which it is shipped. For example Zaful is from Australia and they have other shipping conditions than China or the US. I would avise you to order small amounts

A lot to offer

Eventhough Romwe's main focus of advertising is womens fashion they also distribute mens and kids clothing and a bit of houseware. Beware the quality might differ from what you're use to. However I usually tend to expect the worst and shopping sites like these have never disapointed me. Most sites also show reviews from other consumers. This is the best way to check if you'll be getting something worth while. Consumers usually talk about the size , the amount of time it takes to deliver and the service when something went wrong. All usefull information if you're planning on spending your money.

Shipping period

It might take a long time but it might surprise you. Some orders take a long time but other are here quite quickly. My latest order on 31/08/2019 and arrived at 12/09/2018. For something that comes from China this isn't a long time. Most times you should estimate delivery from 2 weeks up to 4 weeks at least.

The quality

Like I said I always expect the worse but my previous experiences have been good so I kinda know what to expect. I bought a dress a couple of weeks ago and it is what I expected. I bought de dress a size larger to what I usually buy and it fits perfectly. Below you can see the picture of the dress on the site and the picture of me wearing. I'm happy I made this purchase !


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