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Fashion : Smartshopping with Earnieland

I love a good bargain. I'm just a person that looks for a good deal and knows it when she sees one. I discovered this site Earnieland last year when my fellow shopaholic Laure Lannoo posted about this on her stories. I checked the site and was amazed by the concept. Everytime you online shop through the site you get a small amount back. The only requirement is that you use the link via Earnieland. This way your purchase will be registrated and will be linked with your account. At the end of each month you Earnieland will deposite a small amount back into your bankaccount.

It's weird right ? It gets even weirder. They also award users with badges. These badges allow you to raise the percentage that you get payed back. It's always a small percentage but nevertheless if you look back overtime the amount will get bigger. Think about the money you'll save and can use for other things.

What do you need to get started ? Well first click on this link. With this link you'll create an account and link your personal data. As soon as you complete your account info you can get started. You'll soon find out that there are many shops linked with Earnieland. Don't forget to use Earnieland to go to the site otherwise your purchase will not be linked. Other than that you don't have to do anything except fill in your bank account number where the money should be deposited.

Happy shopping !


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