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Fashion : Little Red Dress

I love a pretty little black dress (LBD) and you should always have one in your closet. What you should also have in your closet is LBD's bad sister, little red dress. Ofter this color is avoided because in comparison with the classy black version, the red dress is out there. But being noticed isn't a bad thing if it's because you're rocking that beautifull dress. But beware, there are certain rules when it comes to wearing this bold number. I hope these three key rules will help you rock that frock !


1. Classy not trashy

Keep in mind you will stand out. You have to make sure it's for the right reasons. Make sure your dress fits perfectly and compliments your bodytype. I went for a skater dress in the pictures below but I also have other red dresses in my closet for different occasions.

2. Hard to find

I've noticed that the perfect red dress is hard to find. Shops nowadays don't have them in there collection. So if you find one that fits and looks amazing, don't hesitate. A perfect red dress is an investment piece ! I found mine on Asos. This is a online shopping site that I frequently visit and you should too. Just be sure you check the video, size guide and fabric so you don't have to go through the hassle of returning the item.

3. Tone it down

When you're not going to a dress up party, fashionshow, an editorial shoot, tone it down ! You and your dress are the main event. Don't over accessorize because that will often become too much and draw attention away from your dress. I chose for a pair of black heels and simple vintage earings.

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