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Personal : 1 year anniversary #Marriedlife

Just one more week and we'll be married for one year. It feels like it was just yesterday as we were stressing for the big day and I was ordering so much online as usual but this time for the wedding. I've blogged about someone else's wedding now it's time to share mine and perhaps give you some tips for your own.

Credits : Leentje Schoofs, from Leentje Loves Light

1. Look like you're at your most beautiful

The day before the wedding it was storming. I was stressing out and didn't sleep all night. A team of *make-up artists and a hairstylist came to the house and started working from 6 am to get everybody ready. I think this was for the best. I wanted everybody with a natural look. This was very important to me. I didn't want to look back at the pictures and see one person with a crazy false lashes or a foundation shade 3 times darker than their own. Even though I can appreciate a full over the top make-up once in a while your wedding however is not that time or place for such things. You wan't to look your best. That doesn't mean you have to go au-naturel you just need to fake it to make it look like you've slept 8 hours and have a fresh face. You want to look back at your pictures and think "My god I looked so good!" you don't want to think "My God why was that ever a trend?".

So keep it timeless people. Note ! If you wear your make-up in a certain way for years that it has become a part of your natural look because you never leave the house in any other state than by all means this is your wedding look. If not, your wedding day is not the day to go crazy and take a walk on a wild side.

*Thank you Katarina Goyvaerts, Esther Jacobs & Ian Vanhoogendorp !

2. Photography is key

If you're a visual person like me, choosing a photographer is so important. Beware, most wedding photographers are booked a year in advance so please spare yourself the heartache and be fast! I also recommend booking a photographer for the maximum amount of hours they're willing to work. I had the amazing Leentje Schoofs from Leentje Loves Light. We booked her to come in the early hours so I had shots at home of everybody getting ready. She stayed with us 'till the afternoon when her colleague relieved her. He had the same style so the pictures would be the same throughout the day. He left after the opening dance.

After the opening dance we had another photographer. He was a party photographer, Akhean Polart. I do believe that some photographers are really good in a certain style of photography. I knew this photographer's work so I knew the pictures would be great. Always and I mean always check their work. Don't take their word for it. When they say they do weddings , let them show you wedding pictures. If they say they also take party pictures let them show you. If you don't know the person, google them, visit their website. Don't take the risk of ending up with crappy pictures. Because let's face it a photographer is expensive and I'm not saying they don't work for their money but you wan't to be sure it's money well spent.

3. Those little things do make a difference

I put a bit of effort in dressing up the day. With that I mean I got a lot of extra items to make the pictures pop more. I decorated the house, I got matching bridesmaid robes, got 'I love you' candy, rented a flower wall, foil balloons, table confetti, chalk boards, ... For me these items made a huge difference and it showed on the pictures. My photographer picked up on the details, props were used. Props like balloons, a flower wall, table confetti, candy, ... are all things that give some color and dynamic to your pictures.

4. Optional dress change

If your dress is stunning but not super comfortable, nothing should hold you back from slipping into something more comfortable. It was so hot the day of our wedding. I can still remember getting our pictures taken in the woods while whining to each other how hot it was.

As soon as the first and second dance passed I ran as fast as I could to get the dress off. I was so happy I could trade in my long open back gown in for a short white pleated dress from Asos. My shoes were traded in for sandals. I was free to dance the night away and visit the desert buffet.

5. Midnight snack

If your venue offers you the opportunity to give your guests a midnight snack and if you have the budget say "YES". Don't doubt thinking people wouldn't be interested, believe me they will. After a couple of drinks and a some moves at the dance floor people turn into those 16 year olds that go to the bar or a club and visit the nearest pita as soon as they leave. Even one year later I still have people saying, "OMG, I was so happy when they came with fries!".

6. Gifts in different forms

We didn't get the guest presents in the form of a gift to take home. We opted for the flowerwall where they could take selfies and a Photo Booth that printed out the pictures in a customized frame they could take home. A picture is something that will last eternally.

We also gave each person two coupons for cocktails made by our fav bar Bar Tikila. If you're from or near Antwerp be sure to stop by the bar otherwise you'll miss out on the best tikila cocktails you'll ever have.

7. Enjoy the party

For some this will be easier than others. If I had to do this day over again, I'd relax more and take in the moment because before you know it, you had your last dance, said goodbye friends and family and sleeping in bed with your husband.

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