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Beauty : Haircare Tips

Hair. It's become the hottest accessory. The diversity of options are endless. You can shave your hair or grow it as long as Rapunzel. You can color your hair, braid it, curl it and straighten it. You can go as far as the imagination lets you. Being creative with hair is one thing but keeping it healthy is another.

Keeping your hair healthy isn't so easy. I've come to find that an ordinary shampoo and conditioner aren't going to cut it. That's why I have found hair refugee at my salon, Hair By Androgyn in Antwerp. They've taught me how to take care of my hair. Because of them my hair is healthy even though I've had my hair bleached and colored. That's why I wanted to do a post about hair care to share a bit of wisdom with you. I got these tips directly from the source and if you take these to heart your hair will benefit enormously. Big shoutout to Hair By Androgyn for the love !


1. Turn down the heat

We like to change things up. We like to have a choice between curly and straight hair. But to alter the appearance of our hair we use hot items like curling irons and straighteners. By doing this we damage our hair with high temperatures. You can minimize damage by using a heat protection spray.

2. The sun is burning

Not only curlers and straighteners damage our hair, so does the sun. That's why it's advised to use a sun protection spray (uv spray). So remember this tip when you're planning your next holiday.

3. Conditioner and Mask

I was under the understanding that everybody knew that they should use conditioner. I guess I was wrong. What people don't do often enough is use a mask at least once a week. So now you do know !

4. Don't be cheap

Don't save on good product. Most drugstore products are thinned with alcohol and therefor will dry out your hair. Which isn't something you want from products that are supposedly made to take care of your hair.

5. Bleach Babe

If you're considering to go a few tones lighter do your research. You must find yourself a hairdresser that uses Olaplex like mine does. Olaplex helps reduce damage to your hair during the bleaching proces. If it wasn't for my hairdresser I'd have no hair left. Olaplex nr. 3 is a mask you can use at home for that extra hair care.

6. White not Yellow.

White hair is all the rage. But for some hair types the hair might turn a bit yellow. To counter this effect you can use a silver shampoo. The real product actually looks purple but it does the trick nicely.

7. Grease monkey

Don't over-wash your hair. It's okey to go a few days without washing it. Afraid you'll have to walk around with greasy hair ? Don't sweat it use a dry shampoo for a quick fix.

8. Creme it and oil it

Sometimes the ends of your hair are a bit dry that's why it doesn't hurt to use a bit of hair oil. You can also use a pre-styling creme to protect your hair and prevent it from being fuzzy.

9. Don't cut costs

If your hairdresser is super cheap don't expect too much. I don't mind paying that little extra because they're worth it.

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