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Beauty : Kryolan x Glitterlips

Last week I created a new look for two new products, killing two birds with one stone (but seriously I would never kill a bird). In one of my last posts I used a product called Glitterlips which I liked. The same brand also makes 'Stardust'. These are a bigger mix of glitters for on the skin, hair or nails. I bought the color 'Cosmic Child' on a website called Beautys Nederland. The thing is I didn't use was the adhesive that came with the box. I did however use the 'Superstar' glittergel which I got from a make-up artist for who I modeled (Thank you!). You can check out the results of the shoot on my Instagram. We did a shoot where my face was full with glitter (also Glitterlips cosmetics). I knew the adhesive was easy to remove and I was afraid the adhesive that came in the box would've been to harsh for the skin underneath my eyes.

For this make up I used my 'Aquacolor' Pallet from Kryolan for the first time. The pallet I got has a total of 24 shades. The only thing you have to do is mix these colors with a bit of water. The colors are pigmented and it's nice you can create the texture of your liking. For this look I used two colors 'VV PINK' and '071' (black). For this look it wasn't necessary to use more colors but in the pallet I've chosen I see a lot of colors I can't wait to create looks with. Just a quick tip for people who are considering to buy this product be sure to set the colors with translucent powder especially when you're working in area's that tend to crease!

For my hair I used the 'Colorista' hair spray from L'oreal. The spray is meant for '1 day'. However when I tried to wash it out I had to shampoo and rinse a couple of times. I had bleached hair at the time so I don't know if this would happen to people with darker hair as well. The color I used was #hotpinkhair (what did you expect?). I liked the color a lot. I also bought the color #pinkhair but I didn't see anything which was pretty disappointing. I had blond hair then, so it should have shown right ?

Overall I'm happy with my look. I wanted to create an unique look to show off two new products. Glitterlips it's sister 'Stardust' consisted out of the same quality. I do however need to test the adhesive but I think I'll be testing that in another blogpost or perhaps a video (saving up for a new camera). I created this look last week because I went in for my touch up (eyebrows). I'm not allowed to get them wet or put make-up on them for a while. I also went to the hairdresser the same day. So you can probably expect a blogpost on hair care and microblading soon !



Primer : Guerlain, Météorites Base

Foundation + Concealer : Estée Lauder, Double wear ( Ivory nude & Sand)

Glitters : Stardust, Cosmic Child

Concealor : Becca, under eye brightening corrector cream

Shaping : Tom Ford, Shad & illuminate + MAC, Shaping powder

Eyebrows + Black lines : Kyrolan, 071

Eyeshadow : Kryolan VV Pink + Huda Beauty, Flamingo

Lashes : Chanel, Mascara Dimensions

Lashes : Eylure, Exaggerate

Highlighter : MAC, Beaming Blush, Double Gleem

Lips: Huda Beauty, Gossip Girl

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