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Beauty : Liquid matte mini's that stole my heart - Huda Beauty

You've probably read my previous post about Huda's rose gold pallet which I loved. I mentioned then that I wanted to test her liquid lipsticks as well. Now instead of buying full size items I bought one of the 4 mini collections for the liquid matte's. i chose the pink edition because I normally tend to go for red tones.

The pink edition comes in four shades : Gossip girl ( love the name), Trophy wife, Icon, Socialite.

I tested two of them for daily wear and how much they would stain. I wore Trophy wife and Socialite. Socialite is more of a metallic version with glitter. This was the first one I used. I put on 2 layers and went out for drinks. The liquid turned mat really quick. My lips felt dry. I didn't notice it at first but after ordering my second drink I realised there were no stains on my glass. I told my friends I was trying out a new lipstick and they were like "I was staring at your lips the whole time!". The liquids are very pigmented which is a good thing with two swipes you'll get good coverage. After drinks I reapplied (eventhough it wasn't really necessary) and went out for dinner. I couldn't believe it when I checked myself in the car mirror when heading home. My lips still looked good!

The day after I went to work wearing Trophy Wife. They're verry bright colors so I immediatly cought everybody's attention (that and I was also wearing a lot of pink that day). I only put on one layer which seamed okay in the morning but didn't seem super good when I checked myself at work. I didn't bring it with me at work so I couldn't apply a second layer for more coverage. Not that anybody noticed but it was bothering me. I wore the one layer till 12 o'clock. It stained a tiny bit on my glass but not really mentionable. Because I could no longer face myself with only one layer I applied a tinted lip balm with a pink tone and yes it blended in nicely. Downside was that the lips started to stain like crazy. But that's what happens when mixing with other products.

Overall conclusing : This product deserves a 'YAS' on the wearability charts. I love the fact that it's long wearing (doesn't come off easy at all) and the pigmentation is crazy good. Only downside is that I can only buy it online and it's a bit pricy. I am however planning to buy the red and the nude edition in the hopes that I will fall in love with them as well. I bought these on for 33 £ .






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