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Fashion : How to style it - Turtleneck

If there's one item that will help you through this fickle weather it's the turtleneck. Warm enough but not too hot. With this timeless piece it's easy to make combinations for every occasion. They come in a variety of colors but I'm still a long time fan of the classic black turtleneck.

I've made three possible outfits for several occasions. I hope you like them !


Hat : H&M, Turtleneck : Zara, Jeans : River Island, Bag : Mango, Shoes : All Starts, Chow Chow : Simba <3

Turtleneck : Zara, Tapered trousers : H&M, Shoes : Gabor, Bag : Zara, Chow Chow : Simba <3

Turtleneck : Zara, Lace up heels : Zara, Glitter bag : Mango, Skirt : Essentiel, Chow Chow : Simba <3

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