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Fashion : Will you be mine ?

It's February and the valentine madness has begun. I don't believe valentine's is just for couples. Valentine's day is just an extra day to spoil yourself with presents. So this post is for the single ladies as well.

So my husband and I don't celebrate valentines day but this year I'll be giving him a subtle hint by showing this post. Hopefully - fingers crossed - he'll get the clue. If he doesn't he might draw some inspiration from this list for my birthday ( 24 February).

If you're showing this to your significant other, let me take it from here.



1. Flowers for Valentines day ? Groundbreaking ....

A bouquet of flowers is too mainstream. If you want to impress, do it right !

2. Match made in heaven

This one shows you're committed to a point where you want to show the rest of the world !

3. You don't have to put a ring on it but jewelry does the trick

Jewelry is risky business. If you don't know your partners taste this might go wrong. But if you do, you are in for a win !

4. Make it your own !

You want to give something no one else has ? Make it your own by customizing gifts.

PS : these pictures are not my property.

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