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Fashion : Shoes are always a good idea

The month's almost over. That means sales are almost over as well. I really like sales. I'm a bargain hunter. So this winter I really had my money ready to go. Normally I'd buy a-lot. Well I always buy a-lot but during sales I really go crazy. Unfortunately winter sales this year are such a downer. But there's one item I can't have enough of, shoes. You can never have enough shoes (even though my husband says I do). So this year I focused on buying the perfect puppies to cover up my ugly feet. So with a creditcard in hand I bought a couple of perfect sale buys. xoxo

1. Wait for the right time

When to make your move. That's the question. Sometimes you want to buy shoes but they're a bit pricy or cost more than what you'd like to pay for. When that situation occurs you have two options. You buy them or you don't. If you're not a 100 % sure you'll wear them, you shouldn't buy them. If you don't they might go out of stock or won't be available in your size. But there is a chance they might stay in stock long enough to go on sale. If this is the case, that will be your moment to strike. If these shoes are still on your maybe list, the right price might get them on your 'to buy' list. I saw these babies online last year. I wasn't sure if I should get them because my family didn't think they were pretty. A year later I see them in sale, still pretty in my eyes. I knew then, it was the right time to strike.

2. Comfort

When you buy heels be sure to read size and fit information, especially when buying online. Some web shops give extra information. For example 'true to size', 'small to size', 'we recommend going a size up' are key sentences when buying shoes online. It's always nice to see a video. This way you can more be sure you'll get what you ordered. If the model isn't able to make them work and keeps wobbling over the runway, you know somethings up.

You want shoes to be comfortable but sometimes it's not bad to go out of your comfort zone and buy shoes you'd normally wouldn't buy. Don't get me wrong a couple of comfy Mou boots keep me warm during these winter days but there's nothing special about them. Go crazy once in a while, buy statement pieces that steel the show.

3. Invest

I usually buy a lot but that doesn't mean I like to spend a lot on one item. So during every sales period I check out if there are designer heels that I wouldn't mind spending the extra money on. Designer shoes are pricy so that's why the smartest thing is to buy them on sale.

4. Don't just do it

Don't buy shoes just because they're in sale. Don't just waste your money. Go for shoes that will complement your wardrobe, even if they're not in sale.

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