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Food : Choux Café Antwerp

Another hotspot came across my instafeed. Choux Café, a place were you can eat in style.

Pink interior with floral walls and marble tables. Even though I couldn't get an answer to my online messages to reserve a table the service was great and the food outgrew my expectations.

It sometimes happens that a place with great taste in interior lacks taste in the kitchen. This place however delivers both ! I was amazed by the interior design. It was like I stepped into a movie and everything looked too good to be true. I started off with a pink late which to my surprise really did taste like a late but way prettier. After the rest of the group showed up we ordered the american pancakes with ice cream, strawberries and oreo crumble with a mocktail called pink lady. Both were so good and satifying we couldn't even finish our dish. One person took a salad and according to her it tasted as good as it looked.

They also offer savory dishes and deserts for those with a sweet tooth. I'm already looking forward to come back and taste the rest of the menu ! See you there ?


Huikstraat 48

2000 Antwerpen

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