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Food : Aloha vibes in Antwerp

There's nothing I enjoy more than good food in a nice place with the weather on our side. Last weekend I went to Antwerp with my sister. We had lunch by the docks at this Hawaiian pop-up place called Aloha. They make different kind of poké bowls for vegetarians, vegans, fish- and meatlovers.

You can find the menu on their website I took a spicy poké ball with shrimp and some extra coconut shrimps on the site, because yeah I love shrimp. It was so tasty and I love the fact they give you three extra sauces on the side. For drinks my sister took the piña colada mocktail and I got a fresh coconut. Fresh coconut water always takes me back to those days in the Philippines. I'm so happy I found this place. It's perfect for lunch or dinner. A spot worthy of the name 'hotspot'.


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